2013 Quantitative Report of St Lazarus Boarding House

In CMSA, we beleive that eventhough it is diffucult to make clear judgements on effectiveness of our services because of many reasons, it is very much possible to show our performance in a transparent way so that everyone can make her/his own judgement.  Our performance is not only number of beds, meals, cloathing provided...
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Our new project: Housing First – evidence based advocacy!

Mission is a partner organization to Ius Medicinae Foundation and Salvation Army in Iceland in implementation of the project titled „Housing First – evidence based advocacy” which was awarded a grant in a Citizens for Democracy Programme financed under European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and operated by The Batory Fundation in Poland. The project...
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CMSA coordinates national preparations to European Meetings of People Experiencing Poverty in 2014

This summer, for the thirteenth time, the European Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty will take place in Brussels. It is organized by the European Anti-Poverty Network in cooperation with the European Commission and Greece, which in 2014 holds the Presidency at the Council of the European Union. This year the organization coordinating Polish national...
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Position on Reporting Effectiveness of Shelter for the Homeless in PL & Template for Quantitative Report

It is a challenge to clearly report effectiveness of the shelter for the homeless. In Poland shelters differ between each other and provide services of individually defined scope. Majority of them is run by non-profit organizations partially funded by local government. They act in different local settings and have to adjust to specific conditions...
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Winter in Saint Lazarus Boarding House – rejections

Winter is a challenging time for homeless people living in public space, gardening allotments and abandoned buildings in Warsaw. The scale of this population is assessed at 500-1000 people by local authorities. Once temperatures fall many of them start to look for safer and wormer places in shelters run by local non-governmental organizations. There...
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Local Seminar of Stakeholders in Płock 27th of November 2013

In November 2013, The Polish Commitee of Social Welfare of the Plock Region organized Third Local Seminar of Stakeholders of Homelessness dedicated to improving prevention on local level. Seminar took place in The City Council and was co-organized by the Municipal Welfare Centre. About 30 stakeholders took part. CMSA supported organization of the event and actively...
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CMSA Position on Measuring Homelessness and Housing Exclusion in Poland

Camilian Mission of Social Assistance published the Position on the approach to measuring the scale of homelessness and housing exclusion used by the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. In our view, this approach needs to be reviewed because it gives unreliable results, is inconsistent with European recommendations, neglects the capacity of service...
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ETHOS and MPHASIS based data collection system in CMSA

CMSA uses an electronic database to collect information on persons using any forms of support offered by our organisation, such as a stay in St. Lazarus Social Boarding House, monitoring and support for the independent former inhabitants, stay in a training flat and street work. Records include the basic demographic data, and core variables on...
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Local Seminar of Stakeholders in Szczypiorno 4th of October 2013

In October 2013, The Antidotum Association organized Second Local Seminar of Stakeholders of Homelessness dedicated to strengthening cooperation of local institutions. Seminar took place in The Home for Therapy and Social Reintegration run by the Association in Szczypiorno about 80 km north of Warsaw. Quite spectacular group of participants gathered with representatives of the...
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Mazovian Stakeholders of Homelessness – Regional Network

In 2012 CMSA started to facilitate an informal network of stakeholders of homelessness and housing exclusion in Mazovia Region. To us stakeholders are people and institutions who can affect or are affected by policy or problem of homelessness and housing exclusion. We observe that many important stakeholders remain inactive – we want to awaken...
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